For the most part this is a true story. We were in the store looking at new toothbrushes for the kids and my wife decides to get them electric toothbrushes. That’s cool. I had one as a kid. Every kid should have one at some time in their life. Then she asked me if I wanted one. Really? Those are for kids aren’t they?! Nope. There was a whole wall in front of me filled with electric toothbrushes for adults.

Yeah, I know. Weird.

But as I looked around the selection they had I kept getting drawn to the much cooler kid’s electric toothbrush selection. Spider-Man. Batman. Star Wars. Superman. Etc. That’s when I realized the electronic toothbrush companies are missing out on a HUGE market. While electronic toothbrushes are obviously still for kids they could use the cool factor of some superhero branding.

Your welcome toothbrush companies. You owe me.