It’s been nice to FINALLY bring Preston and his robot creation to the internet at large. I created the robot (who has a name but I’m saving that story for a later date) and his then adult creator (named the Professor) about 5 years ago in an effort to be syndicated.


The first “final” draft of Preston’s Robot circa 2010

I have always had a soft spot for this character and since I’ve started Drawn Closer I’ve wanted to bring him in. Preston, the Boy Genius who creates this smartbot, was created for a whole different comic. His character, who has kind of a troubled home life but is too naive to realize it, has always struck a chord with me. The misunderstood kid who really is an outsider looking in with his no-neck head and strawberry blond ‘fro.


I hope you have liked meeting these two guys as much as I’ve enjoyed introducing them to you. Let me know if  you’d like to see more of them. Who knows…maybe I can talk them into coming back and staying a while.