And now for something completely different. I was needing a change of pace and wanted to stretch my lettering muscles some so viola! Today’s comic! These two characters have been with me since around 1996, just knocking around in my head. Trazlo, the one with big rabbit like ears, has seen some major character redesigns over the years while Gruff, the more hairy and vocal character, has remained relatively unchanged. Trazlo and Gruff are an “Odd Couple” meets the funny pages. (Except those funny pages are on the internet!) If you don’t mind I’m going to do a few more of these before I return you back to our regular characters.


About today’s comic

We really do hurt the ones we love probably more than anyone else. Loved ones can annoy us faster than anyone else and they know how to push our buttons as well. It’s sad how easy it is to hurt our loved ones however, don’t assume just because someone is mean to you that they like you. They might just be a jerk face…a regular lint monkey.