The reason the comic goes on hiatus during the summer is because June and most of July are just crazy at work. The first 2 weeks of June are spent out of town (and the last 2 weeks of May are spent getting ready for these first 2 weeks in June!). While I was gone I had REALLY bad cell coverage and checking my email was a chore sometimes. One day while I was trying to find the perfect place to get a signal I received an email with an attachment that said “Something for you to run if you ever need to take a day off.” I clicked on the attachment to download…and nothing. My service was so bad I couldn’t download and check out what was sent!

Fast forward a couple of days later. I’m finally home and enjoying my own bed and shower along with great cell service and wifi! I finally download the file and BAM! awesome guest strip art! Now let me tell you…this was awesome. To actually have someone to send unsolicited guest art was pretty cool. Not only that it’s of Otto! I thought I was the only one who liked him! Who sent this awesome piece of art? Read on!


I met Michael Odom at Free Comic Book Day at LEGENDS in Florence, SC. We both had been asked to set up tables there and do sketches, sell merch, etc. While sitting next to each other (and in between Michael’s super fast sketching ability) we talked of comics, drawing and college. We discovered we both went to the same college. We swapped stories of the art program and I told him my story of nearly getting kicked out of school for changing all the locks in the art building. (LOOOOONG story!) Michael is a super awesome and mega talented guy! He currently draws for the comic Holiday Wars. Go check it out!


BTW, I’m still on hiatus until August-ish. July will calm down some and you MAY see some new strips pop up here and there until I can return to a regular schedule. Also, remember I am posting all my old strips from 2009-2010 (maybe 2011…we will see) so hit that FIRST button start reading from the beginning!