There are a lot of curses out there. No, not of the four lettered variety, though there are a lot of those out there too. No the kind of “A pox on you and your house!” kind of curse. The kind of curse that makes people turn into werewolves and to lose weight at an astonishing rate. The most horrible one of all is the parent curse of “I hope you have a kid like you one day”. I suspect that’s why some people don’t have kids. The possibility of having a kid like them frightens them too much and they decide to get out of the gene pool. I’ve known a lot of people who didn’t and wound up having a kid just like them. It wasn’t a good thing.  This curse does have two upsides though. The first bright spot is the now grown-up kid who now has a kid JUST LIKE THEM when they were little, can appreciate what they had put their own parents through. The second, and probably most satisfying silver lining to this, is you can now subject your parents to round 2 of your shenanigans and not even be there to do it! Double score! Whether you were a terror to your parents, step-parents, foster parents, grandparents or zoo keeper how about reaching out and letting them know you appreciate them.