I’m a HUGE Apple fan boy and have been since 1988. I’ve never owned a PC or any microsoft or android product. With that being said my view on the whole Apple/Samsung division is quite biased. Let me say I don’t have a problem with the Android platform (Which I can’t say about Microsoft!) but I have a huge problem with Samsung. They like to copy (ie steal) other people’s ideas and then tie up the court with long drawn out court battles.

But enough negativity! The new iPhone 6 & 6+ comes out tomorrow! Or as I like to call them the iPhone 6+ the iPad mini mini. (Really, that 6+ is HUGE) I’m not upgrading this year but I am looking forward to getting my hands on a 6+ just to see how big it really is.

TODAY’S QUESTION-Are you an Android/Windows/Apple user and why? Or do you just not care?