I believe Lawyers and politicians are probably the last few groups of people you can poke fun at and it not offend anyone. Let me just say I know some politicians and they are awesome people. My college roommate’s father was in our state’s House of Representatives. I know our state’s Attorney General and I know the family of the guy who is running for Governor and his uncle who also served our state. (Of the four people, there are two Republicans and two Democrats, so I’m bipartisan here!) All of these are really great people. I like them and would have a meal with them, but there are some others in our government who are a drain on our government. I tried to keep this comic middle of the line. I think Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, etc become the problem when their job becomes less about the people they serve and more about towing a party line or seeking their own interests. This comic is about those politicians. The good ones out there, keep on going. We need you out there, being our VanHelsing.