25 Thing About Me.

1. I hated math. I failed Algebra twice in high school and once in college.

2. I have the most awesomous wife ever. She’s a CPA and likes math. Go fig. (She also says I make up words…like awesomous.)

3. My wife and I are complete opposites. We laugh about it a lot.

4. I have never been on any type of sports team. Ever.

5. My parents almost gave me one of my paternal grandfather’s names. Either Roland or Otto. Not kidding.

6. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years.

7. I have a BA in Graphic Design and a Master’s Degree in Christian Education.

8. I’ve never owned a Window’s PC.

9. I hated middle school with a white hot intensity that dwarfs a thousand suns. (Am I being overly dramatic? It’s still true though.)

10. My favorite online comic is Sheldon by Dave Kellett. (www.sheldoncomics.com)

11. I once met and shook hands with Bill Clinton. (I’m sure he remembers me)

12. I have a personal greeting from Steve Wozniak that my father-in-law shot when they met at a conference.

13. Before I met my wife I had never been to a college football game. The only one she could get me to go to was pounded by a hurricane off shore. It rained so hard I couldn’t read the book I brought.

14. If I could live in any other state it would be Texas or Alaska. (Tired of tiny states!)

15. My favorite comic strips as a kid were Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, Foxtrot, Bloom County.

16. At one time I owned over 8,000 comics. Easily. My most expensive comic I ever owned was worth $1000. (Fantastic Four #48)

17. If I could have one superpower it would be the ability to fly.

18. Jack Kirby was my hero as a kid.(We ALMOST share a birthday. His bday is 8/28 mine is 8/30…so close!)

19. Captain America is my favorite Superhero. (Jack Kirby co-created Cap.)

20. I read the comics in the newspaper every day for years. (elementary school through college)

21. I submitted a comic to our school paper in 5th grade. It was rejected. I didn’t draw another comic until 12th grade where it caught the art teacher loved it.

22. I weighed 99lbs when I graduated High School. Can’t tell that now!

23. My car caught on fire my senior year of high school…in the parking lot…during school. The school called the fire department and they sent a fire truck several volunteer firefighters. Most. Embarrassing. Day. Ever. BTW, there were rumors that I had been caught on fire too and was in the hospital.

24.This was the same car that drug me when I was a freshman. Same school and only 100-200 ft from where it would catch on fire 3 years later.

25. My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars Episode 4-A New Hope. My favorite nonsci-fi movie is Casablanca.

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